We know that entering the world of motorcycling can be a daunting and confusing task, that's why here at Two Wheels we are dedicated to making your training as simple and easy to manage as possible.

If you do not have a full UK car license or a provisional license already, you will have to apply for one from the DVLA. This is really simple and you can find more information here.

Every new rider must take their CBT, this is a simple course and is usually completed within one day. It's fully explained in our CBT section.

The minimum age that you can take a CBT (Compulsary Basic Training) is 16 years old and you will be restricted to a 50cc motorcycle with a maximum speed of 50kph (31mph).

If you are aged 17 years or older and have completed your CBT you will be able to ride a motorcycle with an engine size of 125cc or less on the road as long as you display L-Plates, also at 17 years you will be eligible to take a practical motorcycle test. View our courses here.

You will need to complete your motorcycle theory test, even if you already hold a full UK driving license. This will need to be passed before you can take any practical motorcycle test.



Our gift vouchers make an ideal present. Either for fixed amounts or full courses.
There's nothing like climbing aboard a motorcycle, the feeling of freedom, the thrill, the excitement.